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Google | Co-Director

Google | Co-Director

This is the inspirational story of six musicians from across Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa - Teni the Entertainer and
Simi in Nigeria, Sho Madjozi, Lady Zamar and Shekhinah in South Africa, and Muthoni Drummer Queen in Kenya.
Famous as singers, songwriters and performers, they are also businesswomen, mentors and sound engineers.

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Whilst working at Google Creative Lab I pitched a film idea that highlighted the stories of women in music in Nigeria. Upon further research we discovered that some of Africa’s most influential stars are using technology to maintain ownership, expand their creative process and forge their own path in a male dominated industry. With the CL team we went on to develop this into a short documentary idea that focused on three key regions – Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya and six key protagonists – Simi, Teni the Entertainer, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Sho Madjozi, Shekhinah and Lady Zamar.

The process of nuanced researching, casting and creating an early rapport with the artists was core to ensuring that the right story was captured and presented. I was supported by a creative team and involved in every aspect of the process from development, to shooting, post and editorial to ensure that as things advanced cultural nuance was always considered, and we kept the purpose of the film strong – to create an inspirational story that motivates a new generation of women and challenges the narrative around capability and success.

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It was also hugely important that the crew reflected the project’s core and was filled with incredibly creative, hardworking and talented black women. The film was released on International Women’s Day and marked the launch of a Google training programme across Sub-Saharan Africa that focuses on specifically empowering women with digital skills 👩🏽‍💻


directors: daisy ifama & cornelius walker
DOP: Mahalia John
1st AC: Mandisa Moffat
2nd AC: Antoinette Lebakeng
Sound: Richard B
Editor: Max McCabe & oliver goodrum
Producers: Amy Dick & Luke Goodrum
Colour: Katie Dymmock & Simona Cristea @ Coffee & TV
Sound mix: Pure soho