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Daisy Ifama is a director, editor and social justice workshop facilitator born in south London and raised between both London and the West Country (you can read about that here). Her work explores conversations around community, legacy, identity formation and disrupting the grey area.

Google Creative Lab
Daisy currently works at Google Creative Lab, where she recently pitched and co-directed a short documentary on entrepreneurial women in music across Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. The film explores how six artists are using technology to teach themselves multidisciplinary skills, to take ownership over their outputs and to specifically empower young women.

The film was pitched in connection with a free digital skills training program that focuses on women only classes in the three regions.  It was important that the film held a narrative around the role of African women in creative industries and heavily celebrated the stories as powerful, innovative and trailblazing. The film’s release on International Women’s Day marked the launch of a new initiative rolled out across Sub-Saharan Africa with additional creative industry classes.

Daisy is a founding member of gal-dem, a DIY online magazine run (until recent investment) voluntarily by women and non-binary people of colour. Daisy is gal-dem’s Head of Video, producing, shooting, recording and editing video content with a set aim of amplifying the work of people of colour – both in content and crew.

Over the last four years she has created distinct brand styles and launched four key series’ to gal-dem’s audience of millions, namely:

  • gal-dem loves – spotlights on individuals, groups and initiatives gal-dem supports

  • gal-dem chats – interviews with interesting artists, actors and political leaders

  • gal-dem news – current affairs relevant to gal-dem’s audience

  • interlude – open conversations with the gal-dem team on important topics

Daisy has also worked across written content, event management and brand partnerships within the team.

Daisy is also an editor and has worked on freelance projects with TATE, Random Acts, Channel 4 and The Guardian across news, music videos and documentary based content.

She was commissioned by ICA and Random Acts to direct, produce and edit the short film TWO, a documentary on white-passing multiracial identity formation.

Daisy runs social justice workshops in secondary schools, with education organisation Fearless Futures, engaging young women in critical thought to understand and challenge the root causes of inequalities. She also leads groups, both independently and through gal-dem, combining filmmaking, social justice and life skills into 7 day and weekend programmes for young people in south London.

*Guest Speaker @ British Museum Retelling Women's History
*Panellist @ Watershed – Conversations about Cinema
*Panellist @ Chisenhale Gallery – Commissioning Contemporary Art
*Guest @ Radio5Live – Activist Film
*Guest Speaker @ Consented – Rethinking Education
*Panellist @ Google & The Middle – Hacking the Creative Industry

What else?
Daisy has a commitment to uplifting the stories of queer people, black people and single mums and finding ways to bring these wide ranging conversations into teachable work offline and IRL.